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Siavash Beizai

                 Composition (M.A.) and Tonmeister (M.A.) at the "Hochschule für Musik Detmold" Germany, 1994.
                 Electronic Music and Composition (M.A.) at the "Folkwang-Hochschule Essen" Germany, 1998.
                 Promotion (Ph.D.) in Ethnomusicology at the Universities of Münster and Würzburg in Germany, With the Dissertation: "Ansätze zu einer Hamonielehre der persischen Kunstmusik", 2008
                 (Approach to the Harmony of Persian Art Musik).

                 Multimedia, at Macromedia (Osnabrück), 1998

                  Cooperation with the Jeunesses Musicales Germany (MJD).
                  Founding "Persian Folksongs-Ensemble" in Münster-Germany to introduce the Persian folk music in Germany and Europe.
                  Tonmeister and Director of the Studio in City-Theater in Görlitz, Germany.
                  Professor for Music in the Music-Faculty of the "Tehran Art University" and "Tehran National Conservatory of Music".
                  Scientific assistant of the Institutes for Music-Research of the University of Würzburg Germany.

                  Women Songs and Weddings traditions of the Province "Baluchistan-Iran", 2002
                  Ear training for the Persian Music, 1997
                  Theory of the Persian-Arabian Musik, 1998
                  Harmony of the Persian Music, 2004

Publications (selections)
                  Persian Folksongs for Piano (Vol. I, II, III, IV); Tehran, 1996
                  Persian Folksongs for Voice, Flute, Clarinet, and Piano (Vol. 1-11); Tehran, 2015
                  Easy Piano Pieces on Persian folksongs; (Bärenreiter-Verlag), Kassel, Germany, 1997
                  Ear training for the Persian Music; Tehran, 1998.

Essays (selections)
                  Music and Message, Tehran, 2001.
                  The Origins of the Quarter-Ton in Persian and Arabian Music; Tehran, 2002.
                  The History of Eartraining and the Concept or a nes Ear-training-System for the Persian Music; Tehran, 2002.
                  Mayrok (A Research Report from Baluchistan/Iran); Tehran, 2003..
                  The History of the Harmony in the Music; Tehran, 2004.
                  The Persian Harmony; Tehran, 2005.
                  Ear-training for the Persian music; Tehran, 2006.
                  Interval and Chord Specifications of the Persian Music; Tehran, 2006.


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